We used to laugh about the mad men on parade

And how we laughed about the many tears they cried

For we were keen to keep our sorrows deep inside

Do you remember all those banners on the wall?

The silhouettes of all the walls that I tore down

And then I took your hand and threw away my crown

We stood aside and watched them turning into fools

We were so sure to understand the deeper meaning of the rain

And then the sun would prove us to be wrong again

We entered Eden never knowing that we did

We put so many broken dreams up on our shelves

How could we know that we were fooling ourselves?

And now we’re standing here

In an open sphere

And all the colors keep revolving round and round

It’s me and you

Forever true

For what we lost has finally been found

We travelled far to find the eyes that saw the truth

We stood before the gate, but no one heard us call

And then we rested in the shadows of that wall

A distant crowd, a distant cheer, beheaded god

We’d gaze in awe and yet, we didn’t know a thing

So we made love right there and kept on wondering

That feeble fear depicted in a piece of art

Would only make us giggle and our jokes would roam the earth

We really thought we’d take our love for what it’s worth

And in the end we always lost all that we had

And then the silence grew and darkness slowly fell

So many years imprisoned in a tiny cell

And now we’re standing here

In an open sphere

And we want all the world to show

It’s me and you

Forever true

For now we know,

for now we know

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